Engaging Second Gear Sales will transform and accelerate the evolution of your early-stage business:

Cash Conservation

Commence sales before making costly hiring commitments


Accelerate market introduction maintaining first-mover status

Market Feedback

Receive timely, unvarnished reports on the market's response

Rapid Validation

Quickly evidence and prove commercial viability

Decision Points

Recognize opportunities manifested by prospect expectations


Identify alternate, better-responding markets early-on

Our Approach

Second Gear Sales fast-tracks market entrance and fosters rapid sales incorporating these core methodologies:


We target only those prospects which represent a viable, timely opportunity


Prospecting is like mining, and we diligently dig very deep to unearth worthy targets


Early-stage sales demand tenacity and persistency, which we practice daily

Early Adopters

We focus on those who have the vision and risk-tolerance to commit now

Feedback Loop

Constant reporting of prospect objections or push-backs supports design decisions


All our work is meticulously documented and available online, in real-time

Industries and Markets

Our combined decades of sales and marketing experience encompass many areas:

  • Information Technology: SaaS, Cloud, Mobile
  • Healthcare Providers
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Hospitals
  • Educational Institutions
  • FinTech
  • Payments
  • Government Agencies
  • Nonprofits
  • Manufacturing
  • Group Purchasing Organizations

Second Gear Sales' Unique Advantages

Most of our compensation comes from actual sales generated, and from the increase in your business' value. It's a Win-Win!

Unlike run-of-the-mill advisors and consultants who thrive on dispensing wisdom and extending engagements to the max, we're here for the short run, helping incept your sales process, generate initial revenue and, as soon as it's ready, transition to an in-house sales team.
Greatly reduce your cost outlay for a sales force, and get those all-important early-stage deals and pilots upon which you build your business.
Founders are typically focused on their vision and passionate about their offering. Often times these exact traits which helped create and fund the business hinder early sales, where the objective is to maximize the value recognized by prospects, while minimizing their perceived risk.

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