Our Services

Second Gear Sales is here to help propel your startup or early stage company into its next level, live sales. We do so by creating implementing a structured sales plan, and doing so with great discipline and tenacity. The first phase, lasting up to four weeks, includes these key planning and preparation items:

Strategic Sales Planning

First, we formulate a plan of attack that best suits your company's objectives

Revenue Model Construction

Documenting and fine-tuning the Price Book in a way that makes sense to prospects

Sales Process Definition

Different products and services require varied sales methodologies

Product Positioning

Applying some core marketing concepts to insure that there's a strong "story" to tell

Partnership Targeting

Who are those entities that would act as a "Force Multiplier" early on?

CRM Configuration

The CRM is not only an activity database, but is also a way to institutionalize accrued knowledge

Sales Collateral Creation

Everybody needs an electronic brochure, a slide deck, and a pitch template

Go Live

Once all moving pieces are aligned it's time for us to execute on the plan, insuring fidelity to it while providing you with constant feedback and engaging you and your team on an "as needed" basis. During this phase we provide the following operational functions:

Lead Generation

Be it Hunting, Prospecting, or Gathering, we find the early leads

Online Sales

If you model requires direct sales online, we plan for it, and execute

Pipeline Management

Continuous monitoring and oversight of all active opportunities, with constant reporting to you


No one knows your offering as well as you; we schedule and bring you in for the critical demos

Pilot Engagements

If what you require are beta/pilot sites, we locate and arrange for them


We craft and present proposals to prospects

Sales Contracts

With your involvement and final say-so, we incept and negotiate the Sales Contract


When it's time to "ask for the business" we go for it!


Once a deal is concluded, we facilitate handing the client over to your in-house team for fulfillment

Our Graceful Exit

Our charter is to get your early-stage sales up-and-running. Once stability is reached, and your company is ready to recruit and deploy an in-house sales team, Second Gear Sales will transition all of its activities and transfer all data (which you own) and happily move on to our next challenge.
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